Standing Up for LGBT Rights and Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality for the LGBT People

For LGBT People, the deeply embedded social, cultural, spiritual, and legal meanings of civil marriage imbue their love with a sense of legitimacy that had eluded them previously. Full marriage equality becomes a pardon from the purgatory of having a relationship that is eternally deemed either pre-marital or extra-marital. And it also connotes no longer being relegated to second-class citizenship.

In today’s society, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community has been more accepted then in years prior, especially in the 1960’s and years preceding to that, when anyone in the LGBT community would be horribly ridiculed, if not tortured. However, there still is situated a long street for the LGBT community, as it pertains to individual privileges, equality, and especially, marriage equality. Every individual has their own notion on relationship equality, whether it’s predicated on moral basis, or on a humanistic (humane) basis, which is the belief of not denying anyone the to be who they are, and therefore love who they love. However, as a culture, we should examine the reality, as well as ourselves, as we address the issue for marriage equality for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community.
The Issue: Morals v. Humanistic Beliefs
The issue is a definite one. About marriage equality, the argument is whether or not spiritual beliefs should trump humanistic beliefs. We all listen to of the different politician placing their moral and religious views about them matter of relationship equality. Furthermore, we hear judge’s making relationship equality ruling’s predicated on their religious views, rather than law, according to the United States Constitution. According to, legal disputes and fights for equal relationship rights has been ongoing for years, which is displayed in the 1978 case of Zablocki v. Redhail, where in fact the “USA Supreme Courtroom rendered marriage to be “of fundamental importance to all individuals”. The court described marriage as “one of the ‘basic civil rights of man'” and “the main connection in life.” The courtroom also mentioned that “the right to marry is part of the fundamental ‘right to personal privacy'” in the U.S. Constitution (Relationship Equality USA®, Unfamiliar).” As displayed in this ruling by america Supreme Courtroom, the Constitution takes on an instrumental role in the decision. However, many with strong religious values, as I am an extremely spiritual person myself, may feel that government will not trump the most high. Though, I myself believe that holds true, I also understand that people must live their lives as they wish, and without wisdom or condemnation from fellow society. Therefore, people who are refusing to allow, or judgmental of identical marriage, are actually in spiritual, or spiritual conflict, as they are being judgmental and condemning.
This issue of marriage equality for same sex couples, and homosexuality in virtually any aspect, is a controversial one in society, but is very relevant inside our own homes, as we all know someone who is in a relationship with the same sex. We do not turn our backs on our loved ones, yet and still, we do not support their rights, and advocate for them, and judge the overall population. There’s a lot of approval and support of relationship equality for same sex lovers, but there is also a great deal of backlash, and undermining as it relates to politics.
The Debate Continued: A torn Society

Once we take one step forward, we get knocked three steps back, as an over-all culture. Though the position of the Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community has transformed drastically over the last decade, the LGBT community continues to be stigmatized, ridiculed, discriminated against, and experiences prejudice. Just recently, America acquired a famous N.B.A

Celebrity, Jason Collins, who’s an African American man, disclose that he was gay. The response was divided, as many were supportive of his determination to share this intimate and elaborate part of his life, and encourage other superstars’, and African-American men to open up about their sexuality. However, there were many who had been outraged, especially, long-time assisting fans, and others who speculated as to whether or not he would have an opportunity at furthering his profession within the N.B.A. There is much support arising for the LGBT community, but as fast as it is growing, there are anti-gay organizations developing as well, to prevent marriage equality for same
sex couples. The Gill Foundation is an business with a mission of promoting the equality for any Americans, in every ways, with a specialty in advocating for those within the LGBT community. In addition thereto, the Family Equality Council represents several lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender companions and their children, and are advocates for family fairness for any, despite sexual orientation. There’s a great deal of support both on a nationwide, local, and regional level for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. Just like there’s been great strides in the advancement, and execution of marriage equality for same sex lovers and far support, from a humanistic perspective of “homosexuals are humans too, and have rights,” kind of perspective, there has been anti-homosexual and anti-

marriage equality groupings, who are fighting with each other against such equality. Marriage Equality USA reports that the “Alliance Protection Fund (ADF), which really is a conventional Christian nonprofit organization with the mentioned goal of “defending the to hear and speak the reality through strategy, training, funding, and litigation.” Accordingly, the ADF opposes both marriage equality for and adoption by same-sex couples. The ADF also operates, which was created to inform legislators and lawyers about current laws and litigation involving the Defense of Marriage Act (Relationship Equality USA®, Unknown) (Emphasis Added).”

Furthermore, on more of a worldwide size, according to an article by the Huffington Post, there are extensive laws set up stopping not only same sex marriage, but laws that blatantly discriminate against, or fail to protect from discrimination, those of same sex orientation. Based on the source, “sixteen countries have legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, including Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and New Zealand as well as 10 Western european nations, and gay relationship is legal in elements of america and Mexico. Yet at least 76 countries retain laws criminalizing homosexual sex, including five where it’s punishable by loss of life. (Crary, 2014).” The controversy and division could not be any clearer and brilliant. The division between the controversial topic of relationship equality is situated within the perspective of each and every individual. Everyone has their own reasons, and opinions, as to the reasons their perspective is exactly what it is. Whether it is moral or spiritual values as to the reasons an individual helps or despises relationship equality, or the life-style of these within the LGBT community, or if it is due to the humanistic belief that every individual can choose whom they love, and can marry, one thing is for sure, which is that there surely is clear division on this controversial subject. The Ongoing Debate: Where We Stand Today

The question today is very much indeed alive. The issue is between politicians, religious groups, everyday residents like you and I viewing from the exterior, and same sex lovers/ the LGBT community, who are fighting for the same privileges of the heterosexual couples who are married. Today, there still remains a great deal of work to be achieved, as for the advancement of marriage equality for same sex lovers. As shown herein, there are numerous forces against marriage equality, and far legislation to avoid knowing same sex marriages, such as DOMA, and other laws, which prevent reputation of same sex marriage, and which would prevent same sex couples from receiving the same benefits as heterosexual couples whom are married. Furthermore, there are extensive political and social issues regarding those within the LGBT. These issues, which are of argument in and of themselves, include cultural approval, parenting, discrimination in the workplace and more. Today, there remains significant amounts of work remaining for the LGBT community, as approval and tolerance is sporadic, but still very delicate. This problem has different perspectives including intolerance, unacceptance, indifference, non- supportive and supportive due for an individual’s own values. These different views upon this particular issue is the reason for the entire issue on relationship equality for same sex couples, and the reason behind that is simple. When there are multiple views on a specific subject matter, there is generally a hot controversy, with everyone seeking to show their point. Similarly, the key reason why organizations such as the Individual Rights Advertising campaign (HRC), and the Family Equality Council, are important, as they advocate for individuals whose voices have been suppressed. Allies will continue to be needed in the battle towards equality, in all ways. As suggest, an ally starts at home, and within the city, where we must support the LGBT community. We can not battle for equality for a few groups of people, and not others.

Marriage Equality, and same sex romantic relationships is a subject that has been long suppressed, and swept under the rug. However, now that the battle for relationship equality for same sex lovers is bursting at the seams, the views on the subject matter are noticed increasingly more, and as we have encountered our own, as well as the knowledge and views of others, it is currently realized that everyone has an unique perspective on the problem, even if we’ve no first- hands knowledge or experiences, such as a friend, or relative, who falls within the LGBT family. Predicated on the arguments, I’d have to look at this from a humanistic point of view. Though I am a spiritual person, I cannot imagine being deprived my to love who I wish to love, or deprived of the to not legally be recognized as married, which, my loved one would not receive identical benefits as that of someone else, simply because we would be looked at different, or abnormal. Religious quarrels that oppose of same sex marriage are valid arguments and concerns, however, from a legal perspective; america Constitution was founded on the basis of equality for many, rights, and the pursuit of joy, which is the overall goal in life. Therefore, all should be treated equality, and everything should have the independence to pursue joy. The professionals and downsides of marriage equality and subjective as well, and depends on an individual’s own experiences and perspectives. Using the analysis of this current issue, the easiest answer and response is always to let individual’s live their lives, as they wish. Provide equality in all ways, for any. This is the only way to ensure serenity. It begins with equality for many.