Rise in Unprotected Sex by Gay Men Spurs H.I.V. Paranoia

HIV Paranoia Among Gays

A rise in new cases of AIDS and HIV infection among gay and bisexual men in all countries, has given support for concerns the disease is resurgent in the world.

We all dread what we don’t know, and many gay men today don’t know squat about HIV. Because the invention of hookup applications within the last few years, sexually active homosexual and bisexual men have slowly developed a distinctive kind of OCD: HIV Paranoia. So much so that it’s taken away all the pleasure in sex.

Since there is a serious insufficient knowledge on how HIV is transmitted, we’ve become obsessed over it. The word “safe” has used on a whole new meaning. Unless we’re covered in bubble paper from head to feet, there’s always a risk we’re contracting HIV. After about the fiftieth trip to the STD center, we say thanks to our lucky superstars that God has given us a 50th chance to get our sh*t together. But when we leave everything is out the windows, before next “frighten” of course.

There’s a double-edged sword to HIV Paranoia. It continues us on point about our health and pushes us to get examined regularly, but it also blossoms into irrational thoughts and assumptions, forcing us to live inside our imaginations.

With 50,000 new HIV infections per year in the U.S it’s easy to leap to conclusions and assume, perhaps, this test is the BIG one. My symptoms aren’t related to a seasonal cold, but in fact an indicator of lost white bloodstream cells. The person I had developed sex with the other day didn’t seem trustworthy, perhaps he was willingly infecting me with HIV. The one night stand I had fashioned two weeks ago was kind of a blur – did we’ve bareback sex? The questions never end and it all stems from too little knowledge.

Studies show most people on hookup applications often have unprotected sex AND don’t have a clear notion of how HIV is transmitted. Obviously this has the potential to freak guys out, particularly when they want to go home with a hottie at the pub, but stop themselves out of fear.

Here’s the thing. Playing safe is crucial. When you don’t you’re certainly risking a lot of things, but there’s no reason to panic every time you have sex. I used to be that guy and, believe me, it’s no fun. You can’t live your life in constant fear of getting infected, in any other case you’ll never have the ability to embrace the present of sex, even with your boyfriend.

Invest the time in knowing how the body works. Most guys don’t know that swallowing is a lot more safer than spitting due to the enzymes inside our belly which kill HIV on contact. Most of us fail to understand that HIV only is present in certain fluids, and many of them aren’t what you think. Do they tell you this in health course? No. However it’s something most of us are too worried to analyze. Rid yourself of the misunderstandings and move on to know more about transmitting:

Another thing that will usually put your brain at ease is getting tested, especially with OraQuick: an at-home HIV test you can take whenever you like. We all fear what we don’t know. When we take the time to educate ourselves on facts, instead of assumptions, you’ll be amazed how fast the fear fades away. Start the training process now – you won’t regret it.