Famous Women Who Ended Up Getting Married to Homosexual Men

Mixed-orientation marriage

What are known as “mixed-orientation” marriages are far more common than you might think and can take on all sorts of different forms.

Shit happens, isn’t it! And, it did happen in case of these famous women who finished up getting married to homosexual men without realizing. Take a look at these celebs who probably made the largest mistake of their lives.

Carrie Fisher and Bryan Lourd got married in 1991, but got divorced three years later in 1994, when she discovered his interests in men. The couple has a daughter together.
Angela Lansburg’s first hubby Richard Cromwell, an acting professional by occupation, was gay. While the marriage lasted for only a calendar year, they continued to be friends until Richard’s demise in 1960.
Liza Minnelli was married to musician Peter Allen from 1967 – 1974. He later got into a long-term relationship with Gregory Connell. It is worth talking about that Liza’s mother too got married to a homosexual man.
Fran Drescher was married to The Nanny’s originator Peter Marc Jacobson from 1978 – 1999. Peter Marc didn’t turn out at homosexual before two were divorced. Later, they came up with a sitcom Happily Divorced, which was predicated on their own personal experiences.
Judy Garland was one of the numerous women whom Hollywood director Vincente Minnelli got married to.
Terry McMillan was married to Jonathan Plummer from 1998 – 2005. She even based the lead role of her romantic novel How Stella Got Her Groove Back on Jonathan Plummer.
Carol Channing got married to her supervisor, Charles Lowe in 1956. The couple was jointly for 42 years despite common gossips that Charles was gay. However, Carol began her divorce proceedings in 1998. Lowe passed away in 1999 prior to the divorce might have been finalized.
Hollywood actress Berry Berenson was married to Anthony Perkins of Phycho popularity for decades, despite the fact that Perkins had relationships with several men throughout his life. The couple had to children together.
Singer Margaret Whiting was married to adult superstar Jack port Wrangler from 1994 – 2009, until Wrangler’s demise.
Elsa Lanchester, an Oscar nominated celebrity of British origins, in her autobiography mentioned that her hubby was gay and that’s the reason they never really had kids.
Janet Gaynor, who’s known to be one of the primary stars of the silent movie period is at a romantic relationship with costume developer Adrian, despite being conscious of the actual fact that he was openly gay.
Betsy Drake was married to actor Cary Give. It really is now believed that professional was gay and spent a considerable amount of time with another male professional named Randolph Scott. Drake was Grant’s second wife who experienced also made an appearance with him I two films.
Famous Hollywood actress Amanda Blake was married to Mark Spaeth. The information on Mark being homosexual was outed after his loss of life to AIDS – related complications in 1985. Amanda Blake too died from Supports 1989.