Tolerance for gay marriages in Washington… Mostly

a survey of Americans about gay marriages

Last year, Washington legislation was approved through both Homes to grant marriage equality to same-sex couples in the Condition- at least in every but name anyway.

The Domestic Partnership Development effectively grants same-sex couples in Washington every one of the same rights and duties afforded straight, married couples- at least as far as the state is concerned. All that’s needed at this point is Governor Christine Gregoire’s personal, which is expected to happen with no issue.

Included in the hundreds of rights that have been added are increased legal rights for domestic companions to declare survivorship legal rights in pensions and taxes benefits, as loved by married couples. This really is a huge earn. If you want to get a feel for what having less this right will to relationships, watch If These Walls Could Chat 2- it’s an excellent movie and there is a very moving story about a gay few suffering from this issue.

Some of the more heinous quarrels from those opposed to the bill were that it would “infringe religious independence, cause social upheaval and- by implication- that children are move likely to become ‘delinquents’ in homes not supported by both a guy and a female” (Kirkland My favorite quote however is this:

“Same-sex couples have the to form meaningful relationships. But I don’t think they have the to redefine relationship for all of us,” said Sen. Janea Holmquist, R-Moses Lake.

I find that comment absolutely reprehensible. Nothing in this bill discusses redefining relationship or altering its definition in Washington, whatsoever. Hells Bells- They still aren’t even contacting it “marriage”!

Absurd opponents aside, this is absolutely great news flash for Washington- and by extension- the United States. I can’t say I don’t wish that they had just gone completely and legalized gay relationship, but it’s still a vibrant move around in the right path so you won’t find me faulting anyone for this!  Including Washington, there are 22 claims plus Washington, D.C. which have laws and regulations recognizing gay and lesbian couples in a few form on the state level. 30 claims have gay relationship bans as part of their constitution, and, as most of us know- there are currently no federal marriage rights afforded gay couples.