Day: December 24, 2017

Assumptions Single Shy Gay Guys Have When Approaching Men

What shy gay really think about the approaching man?

Shy gay men locally are terrified to approach men-I’m one of them! It might appear to be we’re extroverts but when it involves issues of the heart, rarely do we’ve the courage of our convictions. Assumptions run outrageous and everything becomes blurred. Below are a few we all tend to have: #1) “I’m not good […]

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10 Wasted Years for Gay Man?
Coming Out

Wasted Years

I never fitted in with the other kids at school. I had been always the loner with just a few friends who had been the other outcasts. As I acquired older this steadily transformed from being overlooked to being bullied. In those days (early 1970s) institutions didn’t take bullying as significantly as they are doing […]

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