Day: December 23, 2017

Same-sex marriage
Gay Marriage
LGBT Rights

LGBT marriage illustrates how Canada got it right on rights

In the run up to Canada’s 150th birthday party, it was fashionable to say that Canadians had absolutely nothing to celebrate. That the country was founded on only the subjugation of its Indigenous people and the ongoing oppression of minority people. While it’s important to recognize the significant gaps inside our struggle for equality, that […]

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Pride Festival 2017

Columbia Street Pride Music Festival And Parade 2017

Whether you’re homosexual or straight, a veteran or first-timer, drag queen or wallflower, Columbia’s Famously Hot S.C. Satisfaction festival is happy to perhaps you have all. “You come to realize we’re not going to grow as a community if we don’t welcome our allies with us,” said Jeff March, president of S.C. Satisfaction. “If we […]

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talk about gays

Can we discuss groping in sex-positive homosexual spaces?

I was in line at the coat check for a fetish circuit party, wearing a sexy sportswear outfit. A man before me, without a lot as a term, reached out and grabbed my dick through my soccer pants. I pushed his hands away. He achieved it again. I told him not to touch me. He […]

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LGBTQ community

What’s the difference between LGBT community and queer people?

What does it mean to be Queer? I thought I had been supposed to try to be white if I wished to accept my queerness. It didn’t eventually me that there have been other queer POC hiding too For as long as I possibly could remember, I had developed always known I was queer for […]

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