Day: December 22, 2017

a survey of Americans about gay marriages

Tolerance for gay marriages in Washington… Mostly

Last year, Washington legislation was approved through both Homes to grant marriage equality to same-sex couples in the Condition- at least in every but name anyway. The Domestic Partnership Development effectively grants same-sex couples in Washington every one of the same rights and duties afforded straight, married couples- at least as far as the state […]

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Coming Out Story From Russia
Coming Out

The Coming Out Story – I never thought I’d write

I had been greatly inspired by Voldiya’s story of his coming out to both himself and his family, and the years that transpired as he experienced the procedure of discovering who he was as he eventually found himself in a location that he can truly be happy in. His story inspired me to create my […]

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The Best Indie Music 2017

Best Indie Music 2017

I’ve an intense love of music. It doesn’t matter the types or genre, whether it’s the soulful melodies of Norah Jones, the hard rocking head banging of Disturbed, the popular ultra-pop of Erasure or the jiving music of the Ting Tings… it’s likely that I’m going to take pleasure from it! I know there are […]

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Homosexuality plus Christianity equals Peace of the World

Christianity and LGBT People

Q. Some people say homosexuality is natural and moral; others say it is unnatural and immoral. How do we know? A. Our standard can only just be what God says. In Romans 1 we read, God gave them to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. Just as the men also […]

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Happy mother and his son gay

Homosexuality: A parents’ perspective

At times in our lives we’ve defining moments that change us. As a parent of a homosexual child, this was definitely one of those moments. Before we were labeled “diverse”, we were pretty much the average American family. We were middle class. We raised our kids with family beliefs that any parent would be pleased […]

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